The Great Treasure Hunt
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Welcome to the world of mystery, surprise, and intrigue as we take you on a wonderful journey around the world exploring every country looking for old stories that can be told and wonderful items that you can purchase for your collection or resale. 

We take great pride in digging up the past and presenting you, our friends, customers or just the curious passerby with a great piece of history, memorabilia or an interesting conversation piece for your home or office.

Our items come in all shapes, sizes and cost. You truly will find great collectibles for under $20, to rare and chic, quite possibly art masterpieces worth thousands of dollars. We find new items weekly and add them to the site.

We share items of all races,ethnicity and religions. We do not support, condone or object to any items as we view all pieces a significant and integral part of "Our World Together". Good luck to all, and we hope you enjoy The Great Treasure Hunt! 

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NEWS To Note

The Great Treasure Hunt is attempting to secure a few other sites at this time.  We will be adding a couple of sponsor ads soon from a few of our great companions in this industry, including, Ebay Antiques and a few others.  In addition to our sponsorships we will be hosting some videos on YouTube and eventually anticipate having our own weekly show on You Tube Live.Thank you to our great team of supporters and viewers.  Please search and "Like" us on Facebook